RIAA: “we have no choice” but to file more named lawsuits

6 05 2009

The RIAA’s lawsuit campaign against individual file-sharers never quite seems to wrap up, and as long as the music labels continue filing their suits, stories about how the RIAA is a lying collection of lying liars (who lie) aren’t going to die either.

Such a story came yesterday from Ray Beckerman, the lawyer who runs the Recording Industry vs. The People blog. Beckerman noted that the music labels had filed new cases in April, despite their claim to Congress (and Ars) that they had stopped “initiating new lawsuits” in August 2008. That claim, says Beckerman, was a “total fabrication,” and the continued court filings prove it.

There aren’t many of these “new” cases; Beckerman found three in New York. But why are they being filed at all?

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