Web Developer Didn’t “Convert” Website–Conwell v. Gray Loon

2 06 2009

By Eric Goldman

Conwell v. Gray Loon Outdoor Marketing Group, Inc., 82S04-0806-CV-00309 (Ind. Sup. Ct. May 19, 2009)

This is a classic cautionary tale about interactions between a web developer/host and a customer. The customer retained the web developer to develop a website. The paperwork between the parties was not a model of clarity. Later, the customer orally asked the developer to modify the site; this time, there is only garbled conversations and no paperwork. The developer modified the site but the customer changed its mind and asked the developer to roll back to the earlier version. But the developer could not do so because it didn’t keep a copy of the earlier version (what???), The customer stiffed the developer and the developer took the website offline. The developer sued for non-payment; the customer cross-sued for conversion on the theory that it had paid for the site and had been deprived of its property.

The Indiana Supreme Court wrestles with several questions, concluding that:


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