RIAA: MediaSentry attacks based on “entirely fictional” laws

7 06 2009

Jammie Thomas-Rasset, whose P2P file-sharing retrial begins June 15 in Minneapolis, has a new lawyer named “Kiwi” Camara, and he’s doing all he can to have the main evidence against her tossed out. Camara has attacked MediaSentry, the firm that investigated the case on behalf of the RIAA, then went further to attack the ethics of all the lawyers involved.

The RIAA has just dropped a scathing filing of its own on the court, saying that Camara’s motion to dismiss is “premised on an entirely fictional set of facts and law” and that the ethics claim is “merely an unfortunate and unprofessional attack made in a desperate attempt to suppress evidence that Defendant and her counsel know is ruinous to her defense.” Such an accusation “merits no further response.”

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