Jammie Thomas takes the stand, admits to major misstep

16 06 2009

After the morning’s excitement, Jammie Thomas-Rasset took the stand this afternoon during her retrial. She was clad in a black shirt and black pants, the sort of garb appropriate to a hanging. Her testimony wasn’t quite a hanging, but it didn’t go particularly well for her, either—recording industry lead counsel Tim Reynolds caught her in what appears to have been a fairly significant misstep just before he let her off the stand.

First came the geeks

But before Thomas-Rasset raised her right hand and swore to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, the court heard from Ryyan Chang Maki, a Best Buy Geek Squad supervisor from the Duluth area. Maki struck a somewhat comic chord as he walked up to the witness box with his skinny black tie, Geek Squad pin, Geek Squad belt badge, and Geek Squad jacket, but his testimony was no joke.

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