Record biz tries suing Irish ISPs into submission

23 06 2009

The major music labels are committed to the idea of graduated response, but they aren’t wedded to any particular method of implementation. In France, disconnecting repeated online copyright infringers has been pushed by legislation. In the US, the RIAA wants ISPs to sign up to a voluntary scheme. But in Ireland, the “sue-them-into-doing-what-we-want” school of thought has triumphed.

The Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) has filed lawsuits against two of the country’s largest ISPs, seeking to force compliance with an Internet disconnection scheme. It worked well enough earlier this year, when Ireland’s largest ISP Eircom settled a similar case with the industry and agreed to implement a graduated response program. After a third accusation of online copyright infringement, Eircom will disconnect a user’s Internet connection.

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