Ninth Lawsuit Against Google Over AdWords–Rosetta Stone v. Google

10 07 2009

By Eric Goldman

Rosetta Stone Ltd. v. Google, Inc., 1:09-cv-00736-GBL-JFA (E.D. Va. complaint filed July 10, 2009)

[Note: some of you may wonder how my litigation count reached #9 when my last blog post in this series was at #7. I subsequently realized that I had forgotten to include Ezzo v. Google, a doomed-to-failed pro se lawsuit filed pre-Rescuecom. Indeed, I remain unclear precisely how many lawsuits are pending; the number could be greater than 9].

Kudos to Rosetta Stone for its fine PR work. It was able to get a number of major media outlets to cover its lawsuit against Google alleging trademark infringement and related claims for Google’s AdWords practices, even though by my count this is merely the 9th pending lawsuit and these lawsuits are becoming a near-daily routine.


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