EFF, libraries: Keep your ACTA out of our Internet!

19 07 2009

[Note from ell: Please notice this one, carefully . . . this is how we got the DMCA . . . the thing was, essentially, slipped through, first, as a trade agreement then rammed down the throat of Congress. Here we go again]

A coalition of digital lobbying groups and library organizations are demanding that the US government drop its support for the most controversial part of the (generally controversial) Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement: Internet-related issues

ACTA, currently being negotiated secretly by the US, Japan, Canada, the EU, and others, will cover a host of cross-border concerns. And what could be more cross-border than the Internet? That’s why ACTA contains a blank section on Internet issues; the text is still being negotiated, but we already know that copyright holders hope that goodies like ISP filtering and graduated response end up in the final language of the treaty. Government negotiators refuse to give hints about what sorts of measures they are pushing for inclusion in this key section of the treaty.

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