Jammie Thomas slams $1.92 million P2P verdict as “arbitrary”

31 08 2009

Jammie Thomas-Rasset, who was hit with a $1.92 million damage award earlier this year for sharing songs through peer-to-peer networks, has again asked the judge in the case to reduce the damage amount on the grounds that it is simply plucked from the air. What kind of “due process” did she receive during her two trials when the first jury fined her nearly $10,000 per song and the second jury chose $80,000 per song?

“The concerns that trigger the due process inquiry—arbitrariness, variability, and unpredictability in awards—are here in spades; of this, the nearly order-of-magnitude difference between the verdicts in the first and second trials of Mrs. Thomas is unquestionable evidence,” say her lawyers in a new court brief. “An arbitrary award imposed pursuant to a statute is still arbitrary.”

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