‘That’s Hot!’ Paris Hilton Wins ‘Hallmark’ Decision at Ninth Circuit

31 08 2009

Did you know that Paris Hilton recently abandoned her trademark exclamation “That’s Hot!” for “That’s Huge!” We can barely believe it either, but it’s like totally true! Watch it here if you don’t believe us.

We’re of half a mind to end this post right now, but, alas, there’s a legal hook to this all-too-important Paris Hilton news which, in our minds, gives new meaning to the phrase “intellectual property”: The Ninth Circuit earlier today made a ruling in a lawsuit concerning Hilton’s use of the phrase “That’s Hot!” A three-judge panel ruled that Hilton could proceed with her lawsuit against greeting-card maker Hallmark in which she alleges Hallmark misappropriated her picture as well as her use of the “That’s Hot!” saying. Click here for the Reuters story, here for the opinion, written by judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain.


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