Cybersquatting + Disgruntled Employee = ?

19 11 2009

There is an interesting situation brewing in New Jersey.  An established law firm in NJ called Levinson Axelrod LLC ( employed a lawyer by the name Edward Heyburn.  Edward didn’t like his job.  According to his website he didn’t like the people he worked for, either.  So once he was fired, he set up a website:  On this website Mr. Heyburn is griping about his former employer in a way that has attracted national attention.  According to a article:

He said he launched his website . . . because “(the firm’s partners) have such an elitist attitude . . . .  I thought this was a very nice way to pull them out of the clouds,” Heyburn said.

But what interests me is the trademark and domain name issue behind it.  Is this cybersquatting? Is the company name ‘Levinson Axelrod’ a trademark?


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