UCLA To Start Streaming Entire Movies Online Again

3 03 2010

In a statement released today, UCLA announced that it will restart its former practice of streaming (entire) movies/videos within an accessed controlled online classroom. You can see this announcement here. The news release article contains links to a principals document that outlines the rationale, if you will, UCLA is advancing.

I find the document confusing from a legal standpoint. To me, fair use is tangled in with 110(1), the face-to-face performance exception which is further tangled up with 110(2), the TEACH Act and topped off with the concept of time-shifting (from the Sony case) and the argument that virtual classrooms should be no different than physical classrooms regardless of how the law reads. Favorable pieces of one section of the law are taken out of context and combined with pieces from somewhere else. The idea that the same performance can be in both 110(1) and 110(2) simultaneously is very confusing.


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