Rescuecom Abandons Its Litigation Against Google

5 03 2010

By Eric Goldman

Today, Rescuecom issued a press release declaring victory in its litigation against Google. But it’s an odd definition of “victory” given that Rescuecom has apparently voluntarily abandoned its 6 year litigation effort without any new concessions from Google. The dismissal notice. . . . .

Why did Rescuecom give up? According to Rescuecom’s press release, “Google has recently confirmed to Rescuecom that it has removed Rescuecom’s trademark from its Keyword Suggestion Tool.” That, plus the fact that Google blocks trademark references in ad copy, means that Rescuecom feels it has “obtained two of the three things we initially sought in our complaint against Google.” And if two out of three is good enough for Meat Loaf, apparently it’s good enough for Rescuecom. At minimum, having low standards makes it a lot easier to declare victory when you give up.


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