Did Hulu steal from Hula? Lawsuit aims to find out

24 03 2010

When Hulu was first launched in 2007, many of us wondered aloud, “Where the heck did they think up the name ‘Hulu’?” The answer may be hidden in a new lawsuit brought by Canadian media company Hulavision, which alleges that Hulu and parent company NBC Universal not only stole its trade secrets before launching Hulu, but stole its trademark as well.

Hulavision, created by Errol Hula, allegedly developed technology that is strikingly similar to that used by Hulu as a way to bring TV shows to Internet surfers, according to the complaint seen by the Hollywood Reporter. Hula says he met with NBC Universal’s Raymond Vergel de Dios in Las Vegas—years before Hulu was developed. NBC must have been interested, because Vergel de Dios signed a nondisclosure agreement with Hula in 2006, at which time Hula revealed the company’s business model and other trade secrets.


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