Google Sued for Publishing Home Address–Harris v. Google

13 04 2010

By Eric Goldman

Harris v. Google, Inc., 1:10-cv-21119-AJ (complaint removed to S.D. Fla. April 8, 2010). The original complaint filed in state court. Google’s removal to federal court.

Jonathon Harris sells rare coins. His business office is in Stuart, Florida, and he lives in Jupiter, Florida. As gold prices soared, Harris claimed a heightened fear of being robbed; and to the extent his home address was publicly known, he feared that criminals would seek him out there.

Searches for Harris’ business in Google Phonebook pointed potential customers to his home address in Jupiter, not his business address in Stuart. Google Phonebook provides a takedown procedure that promises a “permanent” fix within 48 hours. Harris claims that he made a takedown submission and Google initially honored it; but subsequently his home address showed up again, and Google then ignored multiple takedown requests. He sued in state court for public disclosure of private facts and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Google has removed the complaint to federal court.


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