RIAA wants LimeWire shut down over “rampant illegal conduct”

7 06 2010

The RIAA has asked the federal judge overseeing the LimeWire case to slap a permanent injunction on LimeWire until it can clean up its copyright troubles to the labels’ satisfaction. . . .

LimeWire was found liable for massive copyright infringement a few weeks back. Judge Kimba Wood’s ruling cited internal LimeWire documents showing a knowledge of all the infringement taking place through LimeWire’s software—and little done to stop it.

“In the weeks since this Court’s Order, what has Lime Wire done to try to halt or limit the infringement it has induced?” ask the RIAA lawyers. “The answer, from all appearances, is nothing.”

The RIAA now proposes that the judge shut down the service and forbid LimeWire from distributing its software or running advertising.


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