Scribd Can’t Shake Copyright and Publicity Rights Lawsuit on Motion to Dismiss–Williams v. Scribd

7 07 2010

By Eric Goldman

Williams v. Scribd, 3:09-cv-01836-LAB -BGS (S.D. Cal. June 23, 2010).

Larry Williams has written several books on commodities trading (their titles suggest they fit into the “Make Money Fast” genre). He alleges that rogue Scribd users, including the alias “GalaxiaMia Guy” [is it this user?], have repeatedly posted his books to Scribd. Williams sued Scribd for direct, contributory and vicarious copyright infringement and publicity rights misappropriation. The first amended complaint.

Scribd moved to dismiss but ran into a judge who appears to be a stickler about letting unmeritorious cases survive to summary judgment rather than crunching them quickly on 12(b)(6). The judge does nix the direct copyright infringement claim against Scribd.


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