Google Gets Complete Win in Rosetta Stone Case

4 08 2010

By Eric Goldman

Rosetta Stone Ltd. v. Google Inc., 1:09-cv-00736-GBL-TCB (E.D. Va.). Opinion granting Google’s motion to dismiss filed August 3, 2010. Order granting Google’s motion to dismiss the unjust enrichment claim filed August 2, 2010.

Back in late April, many of us were eagerly awaiting the impending trial in Rosetta Stone v. Google, which was going to be the first trial in a trademark owner v. search engine keyword advertising case since the GEICO v. Google case in 2004. Then, just days before the scheduled trial, the judge granted Google’s motions to end the case, which negated the scheduled trial. However, because the case had been moving too fast in the Rocket Docket, the judge made that ruling without providing any written explanation of why. For about 3 months, we’ve been wondering how good a win Google got.

The opinions are finally out, and we’ve learned that Google got a complete win, in that the judge endorsed Google’s basic business structure.


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