“Horde of piratical monkeys” creates LimeWire: Pirate Edition

9 11 2010

After a years-long battle with LimeWire, the recording industry finally scuppered the pirate ship last month, obtaining a wide-ranging injunction against LimeWire LLC and its file-sharing software. LimeWire devs were bound by the court to remove their software downloads and source code from the Web, and they had to take steps to break existing LimeWire installations. But two weeks later, LimeWire is back.

LimeWire Pirate Edition builds on the old LimeWire codebase, but it removes LimeWire’s use of some centralized servers, the Ask.com toolbar, in-app advertising, and software backdoors. It also enables all the features of the “Pro” version that LimeWire LLC used to sell as a premium product.


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