In world of copyright craziness, BitTorrent, Inc. soars to new heights

25 05 2012

It’s a turbulent time in the world of content distribution. Despite a successful protest against overly restrictive anti-piracy legislation, law enforcement has demonstrated its already considerable power to take copyright-infringing websites offline, and several hosting and torrent sites have gone dark voluntarily to evade prosecution.

In the middle of all these warring groups—or perhaps more accurately, completely removed from them—stands BitTorrent, Inc., a company whose technological innovation gave the Internet important new capabilities, making it easier for everyone to share files, both legally and illegally. Although the word “BitTorrent” is often used in context with the word “piracy,” the company itself has steered clear of legal problems by avoiding any distribution of unlicensed content, and narrowing its focus to delivering the best Internet file-sharing technology it’s capable of building.


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