Holding on to a Domain Name to Gain Leverage in a Business Dispute Can Constitute Cybersquatting — DSPT Int’l v. Nahum

1 06 2012

[Post by Venkat]

DSPT International v. Nahum, Case No. 08-5506 (9th Cir.; Oct. 27, 2010)

This case involves the familiar story of a company leaving the domain name registration in the hands of someone who performed web design services (in this case, the registration was left in the name of the web designer’s brother) and the registrant later refusing to turn over the domain name due to a dispute over unfulfilled obligations to the registrant.

UPDATE from Eric: A few analogous cases:

* Web Developer Didn’t “Convert” Website–Conwell v. Gray Loon
* Outdated Whois Information Might Lead to False Light Tort–Meyerkord v. Zipatoni
* Taking Intangible Electronic Files is Criminal Fraud–NM v. Kirby
* Cautionary Tale of Website Co-Ownership–Mikhlyn v. Bove
* Another Cautionary Tale of Joint Website Ownership–TEG v. Phelps


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