Defining Tetris: How courts judge gaming clones

21 06 2012
The fact that it’s hard to tell which one is Tetris and which one is Mino bolstered the copyright infringement claim. 



Besides handling the rights and distribution for every official version of Tetris, The Tetris Company is also responsible for protecting the Tetris brand from unlicensed knock-offs. In the recent past, it’s done this by forcing platform holders like Apple to remove unofficial copies of the game from the iOS App Store as soon as they pop up, for instance.

But the company went a little further in the case of iPhone Tetris clone Mino, taking developer Xio Interactive to court to protect the Tetris copyright. A New Jersey circuit court judge recently ruled in favor of The Tetris Company in that case, issuing a ruling that highlights the legal challenges in determining what separates a hackneyed clone from a game that is merely “inspired” by an existing title.


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