As Curiosity touches down on Mars, video is taken down from YouTube

8 08 2012

The NASA Curiosity team had to overcome many obstacles to land their robot safely on the surface of the Red Planet. But one obstacle they were probably not expecting to encounter was an accusation of copyright infringement.

The American space agency has been posting videos related to the Curiosity mission on its official YouTube page. But the Motherboard blog noticed that one of the videos had disappeared. In its place was the message “This video contains content from Scripps Local News, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

NASA is a federal agency, and by law, works of the federal government are in the public domain. And in any event, it’s hard to see how Scripps could own footage of NASA scientists celebrating Curiosity’s successful landing in their own control room. So NASA complained to YouTube, and the video was restored within a few hours.


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