Patent trolling firm Lodsys now targeting big retailers

4 02 2013
There are all kinds of patent trolls making outrageous claims about the technology they “own,” but there’s no question that Lodsys is one of the most infamous. Last year, Lodsys explained how it was generously offering to let the iOS and Android app developers of the world continue to do business—if they pay a patent tax of 0.575 percent of their revenue.

Pretty small tax, sure. But then, Lodsys’ claims are pretty wild and raised hackles in the developer community. The company, which has not responded to press inquiries about its patents but does make occasional public statements through its blog, claims to own patents that cover in-app purchasing. Even though Apple already has a license to its own patents and has even intervened in court to stop Lodsys, the patent-licensing company still claims a right to go after small iOS developers. “The scope of their current licenses does NOT enable them to provide ‘pixie dust’ to bless another (3rd party) business applications,” Lodsys wrote in May 2011.

This week, it has become clear that Lodsys’ desires for patent profits go way beyond the world of mobile apps.


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