Intellectual Property on the Internet: A Brief Comparison of the Current Situation in Europe and the United States (Guest Blog Post)

10 02 2013

by Guest Blogger Pablo García Mexía, J.D., Ph.D
[Visiting Professor of Internet Law, The College of William & Mary. English translation by Morgan G. Fletcher, B.A. Cornell, William & Mary Law School, Class of 2014. The original Spanish version of this article was published in the weekly column La Ley en la Red, that the author writes for Spain´s newspaper I wish to thank Professor Eric Goldman for his kind invitation to write this guest post in his excellent blog.]

[Eric’s note: I thought this was an interesting response to my hot topics presentation from a European perspective, so I’m delighted to share it here.]

The situation in the United States regarding intellectual property on the Internet provides a magnificent perspective to evaluate the schools of thought currently evolving in both Europe and Spain.


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