Google Defeats Trademark Challenge to Its AdWords Service–Jurin v. Google (Forbes Cross-Post)

18 02 2013

By Eric Goldman

Jurin v. Google, Inc., 2012 WL 5011007 (E.D. Cal. October 17, 2012).

Google ($GOOG) makes billions of dollars a year selling AdWords ads triggered by third party trademarks.  Over the past decade, trademark owners have brought about 20 lawsuits against Google challenging these ad sales.  These lawsuits have ranged from high-stakes class action lawsuits (the FPX lawsuit) to well-funded challenges by big  trademark owners (e.g., the Rosetta Stone ($RST) and American Airlines lawsuits) to poorly funded lawsuits by no-name trademark owners like the case I discuss in this post.  In a remarkable litigation tour-de-force, Google has never definitively lost any of these cases in court (though it has occasionally lost intermediate rulings).  At the same time, Google hasn’t definitively won any of its cases in court either.  This makes Google’s recent wi in an AdWords trademark case noteworthy.


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