Overreaching Anti-Circumvention Claim Shut Down–DISH Network v. World Cable

19 02 2013

By Jake McGowan

Dish Network L.L.C., et al, v. World Cable Inc., 11-CV-5219 (E.D.N.Y. 2012)

In the hopes of ratcheting up damages, plaintiffs often try to assert any possible claim in their arsenal. In the realm of copyright law, this may involve asserting DMCA claims against the dirty, rotten infringers, even though the alleged infringement might not fall within the statutory boundaries.

A district court in New York encountered such a situation in DISH Network v. World Cable Inc., where it ultimately slapped down the satellite TV provider’s DMCA claim for failure to prove that World Cable “circumvented” a technological measure within the meaning of the Act.


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