Duplicitous Competitive Keyword Advertising Lawsuits–Fareportal v. LBF (& Vice-Versa)

24 11 2014


OK, let me offer a proposition that seems so obvious to me that I feel silly saying it. If you buy your competitor’s trademarks as keywords, it’s not advisable to sue your competitors for buying your keywords. Yes? Are you with me? Yet, for reasons I can’t fathom, I’ve seen violations of this common-sense principle multiple times over the years.

The participants in today’s case are travel aggregators Fareportal, which runs the dubiously named cheapOair.com, and LBF Travel, which runs SmartFares and Travelation. Last year, Fareportal kicked off the litigation party by suing LBF for buying competitive keyword advertising on Fareportal’s trademarks. LBF retaliated by counter-suing Fareportal for its competitive keyword advertising purchases. Now what–mutually assured destruction?


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