Weight loss firm demands $1 million from website hosting negative reviews

30 11 2014
A Florida company selling an obesity product is suing a consumer website for hosting negative reviews of its dietary product. Roca Labs wants the US courts to award it in “excess” of $1 million in addition to blocking pissedconsumer.com from continuing the practice.

The lawyer for the New York-based online review site told Ars on Monday that the lawsuit [PDF] was “bunk,” that its demands amount to a prior restraint of speech, and that the site itself is protected from defamation charges under the Communications Decency Act because it hosts the online review forum for others to use.

“Essentially, what they are saying, is my client is defaming them by allowing these negative reviews to be published. And that my client is engaged in tortious interference with their relationships with their customers, and that my client is practicing unfair and trade-deceptive practices,” said attorney Marc Randazza in a telephone interview.


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