Apple can’t have an injunction against Samsung phones, court rules

1 12 2014

Back in May of this year, a jury awarded Apple $120 million in damages in its second major patent trial against Samsung. Apple also asked the court to ban the sale of those Samsung phones that infringed on its three patents in question. But today, Northern California District Court Judge Lucy Koh ruled that Apple had not proven to the court that it deserves an injunction against infringing Samsung products. . . .

This is the second time that Koh has ruled against an injunction for Apple after the jury ruled that Samsung’s products infringed the iPhone maker’s patents. Back in 2012, Apple won a whopping $1.05 billion in damages from Samsung, but months later, Judge Koh denied an injunction against Samsung. Then, as now, the judge ruled that Apple hadn’t shown the court that its design patents had caused irreparable harm to the company.


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