Artist uses DMCA to remove criticism of his impossibly shaped female characters

2 12 2014
Update: Randy Queen has apologized and says he will no longer attack critics of his work. You can read about it here.

Original Story: Comic book artist Randy Queen has reportedly sent Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown requests to Tumblr asking that posts that reproduce his illustrations and comment on them in a negative light be taken down. Queen’s requests were directed at the blog Escher Girls, which lobs criticism at illustrators who draw female characters in contorted, overly stylized, and anatomically impossible ways.

The drawings Queen wanted taken off Escher Girls’ Tumblr were taken from his Darkchylde series of comics, which saw success in the late ’90s after the first issue was released in 1996. On Escher Girls, Queen’s drawings are occasionally posted with a “redraw,” where the submitter redraws the scene in their own style, generally to reflect a more realistic human anatomy. When Queen first submitted the takedown requests, Tumblr complied and even removed some of the user-drawn art, it seems.


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