Fair Use Likely Protects Discussion of Blog Post and Comments

2 12 2014

This is a lawsuit between pro se parties. As the court notes, the feud between the parties largely took place online, but eventually “found its way into federal court”. Plaintiff is the publisher the “Hogewash!” blog.

Defendant is a “retired writer” who publishes several books and maintains websites, including patriot-ombudsman.com. Plaintiff generally wrote the content for the blog, but he also acquired content from third parties, including a particular blog post authored by a pseudonymous writer identified as “Paul Krendler” (which previously appeared in thingsmanszombie.wordpress.com). Plaintiff’s blog allowed comments and were subject to a terms of use:. . .

The parties exchanged numerous claims between them. This particular ruling addresses only plaintiff’s request for injunctive relief for his copyright claims.


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