Thousands of Twitch videos silenced, as streaming site mutes copyrighted audio

2 12 2014

Game streaming site Twitch has started muting the audio of any video that is detected to include unauthorized audio—which is to say, any video that includes any reasonably mainstream background music.

While Twitch’s main purpose is to be a platform for live game streams, which are, for the time being, unaffected, it also has a substantial library of archived broadcasts and highlight clips. These archives and highlights will have their audio muted if they’re detected to contain any music owned or controlled by clients of Audible Magic, a music matching and recognition service already used by Vimeo, Facebook, and others. Twitch archives are stored in 30 minute chunks, and if any infringing audio is found in a chunk, the entirety of that section will be muted.

Earlier today, the company announced that full stream archival is being removed, but highlight clips will remain.


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