Another Failed Doctor Lawsuit Against a Patient For Online Reviews–Brandner v. Molonguet

10 01 2015


This is another lawsuit by a doctor over a patient’s negative online reviews. Dr. Brandner is an oral surgeon in Louisiana. In 2005, he treated Molonguet. Molonguet protested Brandner’s fees, but a court ruled for Brandner. In response to that court loss, Molonguet allegedly began an aggressive harassment campaign against Brandner as well as a patient who wrote a positive review of Brandner. For purposes of Molonguet’s motion to dismiss, the court assumed the following allegations were true: “Molonguet posted on the internet false statements about Dr. Brandner’s treatment of him…Molonguet posted the false statements with the sole intent of harming Dr. Brandner; and as a result of Molonguet’s actions, Dr. Brandner’s reputation has been harmed.”


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