No Personal Jurisdiction Over Nasty Facebook Post–Burdick v. Superior Court

17 01 2015

I think this week’s ruling in Burdick v. Superior Court could be a pretty big deal. First, the ruling governs the growing number of cases where social media users get ranty. Second, the case holding is exceptionally clear; and it does a good job summarizing and distilling a fairly large body of murky precedent. Third, California appellate panels rarely publish their ruling, so a published opinion like this one will get many future citations. With all of these plus factors, I’m taking one for the team and blogging an Internet jurisdiction case anyway.

The dispute involved a skin care product called NeriumAD. Some folks bashed NeriumAD online, so Nerium folks bashed the bashers. A person associated with Nerium, Burdick, made the following Facebook post about the initial bashers:


Case citation: Burdick v. Superior Court, 2015 WL 182297 (Cal. App. Ct. Jan. 14, 2015)


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