ESA apologizes for DMCA claim on Dying Light mod files

3 02 2015

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has apologized for mistakenly issuing Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices for Dying Light mod files shared online this weekend, saying the requests were issued erroneously by a third-party vendor on the organization’s behalf.

The controversy began Saturday when at least two MediaFire users were notified that Dying Light modification files they posted online had been taken down for violating the sharing site’s Terms of Service. Those takedown notices identified the ESA as the complainant, referred to “copyright infringement” as the reason and directed readers to an “antipiracy” e-mail address. This happened despite the fact that both files had nothing to do with piracy and merely modified the game’s visuals.

The timing of the takedowns was suspicious, coming alongside the release of a mod-blocking patch from Dying Light developer Techland late Friday. The patch notes for Dying Light Update 1.21 state that the patch “block[s] cheating [in the game’s online PvP “Be the Zombie” mode] by changing game’s data files.” Reports on reddit and elsewhere, though, suggest the patch is also preventing modders from making changes to weapons and items in the single-player campaign.


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