Symantec must pay $17 million to world’s biggest patent troll

15 02 2015

[ed: when is a patent troll not a patent troll? How about when they win a jury trial and award? Cause if this patent was in Symantec’s portfolio and they asked for a royalty from a “partner” or from someone NOT a partner, they’d sue and expect to win].

More than four years after it launched its first waves of lawsuits, the world’s biggest “patent troll” has won its first victory in a jury trial.

Late Friday, a Delaware jury ordered Symantec to pay $17 million to Intellectual Ventures, the Washington-based “invention marketplace” created by ex-Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold, which boasts more than 30,000 patent assets.

In its verdict [PDF], the jury found that Symantec had infringed two US patents, numbered 5,987,610 and 6,073,142. A third patent, 6,460,050, was found to be not infringed.


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