Online Magazine Gets Section 230 Protection For Third Party Article–AdvanFort v. International Registries

24 06 2015
If I didn’t practice Internet law, I might have chosen maritime law. Their disputes are often interesting. This particular case sounds like a movie plotline. AdvanFort provides armed guards to ships worried about piracy (the real kind…you know, on the ocean). The Indian government accused the crew of one of these ships of violating their Arms Act (i.e., arms running), so it threw the crew in jail. To help get the crew released, AdvanFort retained John A.C. Cartner as one of its lawyers. AdvanFort and Cartner then had a falling out over a fee dispute, which led to an arbitration and a pending bar complaint against Cartner. Cartner subsequently published an online article critical of his former client’s principals at The Maritime Executive website. (The article is down there, but here’s a copy of it). AdvanFort’s principals claim that Cartner’s article defamed them.

In this ruling, some of AdvanFort’s defamation claims against Cartner survive a motion to dismiss. Does this mean The Maritime Executive is also liable for publishing Cartner’s allegedly defamatory article? Ahoy, Section 230!

Case citation: AdvanFort Co. v. International Registries, Inc., 2015 WL 2238076 (E.D. Va. May 12, 2015)


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