Grooveshark, bowing to RIAA, shuts down and apologizes for “serious mistakes”

25 06 2015

Grooveshark, the free online music streaming service that allowed users to upload their own songs, announced on Thursday that it was shutting down.

Josh Greenberg and Sam Tarantino founded the streaming service in 2006, and the site attracted tens of millions of users. Grooveshark called itself “the world’s largest on-demand and music discovery service.” But the service not only allowed users to upload any song; the founders also apparently demanded that employees upload popular songs in an effort to expand the site’s music library.

The service came under fire in recent years for allowing copyrighted material on the site. Several record companies, including Warner Bros., Sony, and Universal Music Group, sued Grooveshark in 2011. Now the record companies have come to an agreement with Grooveshark under which it shut down the site and remove all copyrighted songs.


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