Indiana Trademark Litigation Update – Horn v. Wilson

4 12 2015

Indiana Intellectual Property

November 10, 2015

Kenan Ferrell

Plaintiff, the Shipshewana Spice Company, has sold quality spices under the trademark “HAPPY SALT” since 1994. Defendant allegedly operates a website selling knockoff spices.

The product comparison image from the Complaint (full text below) seems like a slam dunk for the Plaintiff. Similar product name, company name (Shipshewana Spice Company vs. Shipshewana Best Spice Company…that’s just mean), packaging, etc. It’s pretty bad.

One important question is how has Plaintiff let this go on since January 2013? The public health and safety considerations alone of having counterfeit spices on the market would seem to beg for injunctive relief. Waiting too long to take action on a trademark claim can invite concurrent use arguments or, worse, a laches defense.


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