Supreme Court may reel in Apple v. Samsung damage award

31 10 2016
The long legal war between Apple and Samsung reached the Supreme Court today. For the first time in a century, the High Court considered what the limits of “design patents” should be.

Until they took up a starring role in Apple v. Samsung, design patents were like the poor, long-lost cousins of the better-known “utility” patents that cover machines themselves.

Here’s how this long-lasting technology case made its way to the high court: in 2012, the first Apple v. Samsung trial ended with a jury slapping Samsung with a $1.05 billion verdict for infringing Apple patents and trademarks. After appeals, that got whittled down to $548 million based entirely on patent infringement. With this Supreme Court case, Samsung is looking to get back the majority of that—the $399 million that’s based on three design patents.


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