Top 10 Internet Law Developments of 2016

12 01 2017

Donald Trump’s election as president pretty much dominated our thoughts about 2016 (though Brexit was pretty significant too). So I decided to break up my annual top 10 list into two separate top 5 lists, one election-related, one not.

Top 5 Non-Election Related Items

#5: Congress Passes Defend Trade Secrets Act.

#4: Copyright Office Guts the Section 512 Safe Harbor.

#3: Hulk Hogan/Gawker/Peter Thiel. Office

#2: Crypto Wars Redux/DOJ v. Apple.

#1: Section 230 Melts Down.

Other items considered:

* Congress Passes Consumer Review Fairness Act.
* Naruto’s Monkey Selfie. .”
* Oracle v. Google.
* Google Books Lawsuit.
* EMI v. MP3Tunes.

YouTube’s 2012 “win” over Viacom.

* Anarchy Rules Online Contract Formation Law.
* FTC Sues 1-800 Contacts Over Competitive Restrictions of Keyword Ads. The
* Salsoul v. Madonna..
* Spokeo v. Robins.
* FTC v. AT&T Mobility.


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