Top Developments/Headlines in Trade Secret, Computer Fraud, and Non-Compete Law in 2016

1 02 2017

Continuing our annual tradition, we present the top developments/headlines for 2016 in trade secret, computer fraud, and non-compete law. Please join us for our first webinar of the New Year on February 2, 2017, at 12:00 p.m. Central, where we will discuss these new developments, their potential implications, and our predictions for 2017.

1. Defend Trade Secrets Act

2. EU Trade Secrets Directive

3. Government Agencies Continue to Scrutinize the Scope of Non-Disclosure and Restrictive Covenant Agreements

4. New State Legislation Regarding Restrictive Covenants


5. Noteworthy Trade Secret, Computer Fraud, and Non-Compete Cases


6. Forum Selection Clauses

7. Security Breaches and Data Theft Remain Prevalent

8. The ITC’s Extraterritorial Authority in Trade Secret Disputes



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