Judge Balks At Section 230 Protection For Email Forwarding–Samsel v. DeSoto County School District

19 12 2017

Today’s blog post covers a very long opinion (70 pages!) involving a school principal effectively firing a successful football coach in football-crazed northern Mississippi. If you want a taste of how much angst that can create, try to wade through this beast.

I’m going to focus on only one sliver of this dispute. The school district superintendent (Kuykendall) sent an email to many folks in the school district. The superintendent’s email forwarded an email from another school teacher (Abernathy) that contained allegedly defamatory statements about the coach, along with a cover email where the superintendent said he agreed with the forwarded email “100%.” Among other litigation, the coach sued the superintendent for defamation based on the forwarded email. The superintendent defended on several grounds, including Section 230.


Case citation: Samsel v. DeSoto County School District, 2017 WL 1043640 (N.D. Miss. March 17, 2017). Some source materials.


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